Steam Vent Silencer

Steam Vent Silencer

The main function of steam vent silencer is attenuating high level of noise generated by the valve during venting of process gas such as steam, air or any other gases are open to atmosphere.

The steam vent silencer made out of superior material according to pressure and temperature conditions. The most important design aspect of the steam vent silencer is the inlet diffuser. We design diffuser in effective manner to distribute flow evenly through all of the acoustics panels where the sound energy is absorbed.

We have supplied steam vent silencer in following application through out India,Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Malaysia etc:

  1. Boiler start-up vent silencer
  2. Boiler drum safety valve vent silencer
  3. Super heater safety valve vent silencer
  4. Steam blowing operation
  5. Warm-up vent silencer

PMT TECH steam vent silencers features :

  1.  Rain hood
  2. Support brackets for Vertical mounting silencer
  3. Support saddles for horizontal mounting silencer
  4. Lifting hooks
  5. Painting as per customer requirements or process conditions
  6. Mating flanges as optional
  7. Packing with wooden saddles.