Fan Silencer

Fan Silencer

The enormous number of fans, compressors and blowers are used in ventilation and process applications in various industries.

We offered silencers for following industrial fans to reduce unwanted sound:

ID Fan – Suction & Discharge silencer

FD Fan – Suction & Discharge silencer

PA FAN and SA FAN - Suction & Discharge silencer

Our vast experience in this field, we offer fan silencer in rectangular or circular type. The rectangular baffle used inside the casing to reduce the noise. These baffles are easily removed from the silencer for maintenance or replacement purpose. It is an absorptive type silencer and is very effective for high frequency noise attenuation. The suction and discharge silencer offered with inlet and outlet transition cone to fit with existing connection. The internal baffles ensure the minimum pressure drop across the silencer and used in reducing the airborne and structural noise. These are very effective in reducing high frequency noise levels to the acceptable sound. These are long term noise reduction solutions designed to perform in most demanding situations and environments

The suction & discharge silencer supply to following type of fans:

  • Centrifugal fan inlet silencer
  • Centrifugal fan outlet silencer
  • Axial fan inlet silencer
  • Axial fan outlet silencer