Engine Exhaust Silencer

Engine Exhaust Silencer

Engine exhaust silencers are offered in three types to reduce undesirable sound. The type of DG exhaust silencer is selected based on the noise level.

1)    Absorptive type – These types of diesel generator silencers are very effective in high frequency noise reduction.

2)     Reactive type - The noise is reduced by creating a gas flow through separate chambers in the silencer. This engine exhaust silencer is very effective in low frequency noise reduction

3)     Absorptive & Reactive type – The combination of these types of DG exhaust silencer are mostly used to reduce the noise level in all frequency range.

The engine exhaust silencer can supply with spark arrestor and maintenance box. We offer exhaust silencer for any mega watt internal combustion engine running on Diesel, Bio gas and Natural gas and supplying engine exhaust silencer to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman etc.

In this engine exhaust silencer, we are using high temperature resistant wool to with stand temperature more than 550 deg C. The DG engine exhaust silencer outlet offered with outlet pipe and flange and it can be extent up to desired space.

We are also dealing with marine application silencer with IRS certified.

We supply engine silencer in following grade:

1) Industrial Grade 15-20 dB reduction

2) Residential Grade 20-25 dB reduction

3) Hospital Grade 30-35 dB reduction


       1) High grade superior material

           2) Support saddles    

       3) High temperature resistant paint

We can supply our engine silencer to Caterpillar (CAT) engine, MTU engine, Cummins engine, Kirloskar engine and Maxwatt engine etc.